The One With Fearless Friday

Kia Ora!!!!

WEEEEOOOOWWW. This was an exciting week! We started off our week with Zone Traning! I had to do a 20 minute discussion on Safe driving, a 15 minute presentation on Light the World, a 90 minute discussion on Finding, and a 30 minute discussion on our vision for the zone for the upcoming week. PLUS organize the lunch for everyone, set up the chapel, and play the piano…. let’s just say I’m glad that is is finally over:) It went well though, and I just hope the missionaries learned something!
Sister Diez is still doing so well!!! I am so proud of her! She is starting to get the hang of biking… it’s hard to teach it! But she can start by herself now, and turn around in a circle, the only thing that is hard for her is going in a straight line, so I haven’t  taken her on the road yet, but maybe this week!
On Friday, I started something for Sister Diez and I, called “Fearless Friday”. We have to talk to everyone we see, because it’s fearless Friday, and on Fearless Friday, we have no fears! It was pretty successful this week, so we will try it again next week! It was so cute because we would be walking past someone, and Sister Diez would start to whisper “Fearless Friday, Fearless Friday, Fearless Friday… Hello how are you?” She’s so cuuuuuute.
We drove ALL the way to Blenheim on Saturday to help the sisters with their branch Christmas party! It is starting to feel like Christmas! (Even though we are dying in the heat!) But it was super fun, and they had a massive as island feed afterwards… so yum.
Well that’s all! Have a GREAT week! Love you Heaps!
Spiritual thought: Helaman 8:13-15. This was something that I found in my studies this week! Look and Live! It’s not complicated, but it’s not easy. Just keep on keeping on!
-Sister Weight
Photos: Zone Training, NELSON, Christmas in Blenheim, matching at church yesterday!

The One With The Training Wheels!

Kia Ora Everyone!

Busy Busy Busy this week! So what else is new?:)
I had a GREAT WEEK! I love Nelson. Sister Pega left on Tuesday, and then I spent the day with Sister Taufa, waiting for my new comanion, Sister Diez! She is from the SAME place in the Philippines as Sister Pega, but they don’t know each other. She is 23, already graduated university with a degree in Psychology. She is Awesome. She just has the sweetest spirit! Her English is GREAT. We understand each other perfectly. The only problem we’ve had so far is, she doesn’t know how to ride a bike:) So I was teaching her, and she only fell off once! She made it all  the way across the field before she realized that I let go, and then she fell over… but it was so fun! She is doing so great! I LOVE HER! I wish we had some training wheels… but that’s ok! We can do this! (Any tips on teaching someone to ride a bike are welcome:))
I had to fly to Wellington on Thursday for meetings, but it was a great day! All the meetings went well, and I got to see Sister Duce and Sister Amato!  So that was really fun! I was a bit worried because I had to leave Sister Diez in Nelson with a member, and she was scared. But when I got back to  Nelson, they were just cracking up telling me about their day! (Mother instincts kicking in, being a worry wart all day, but it was fine:))
In other exciting news, LIGHT THE WORLD STARTED! HAVE YOU STARTED??? If not, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!!! On Saturday the challenge was ” I was thirsty and ye gave me drink” So, since it was so hot, we set up a water stand! (In hindsight, we should have done lemonade… but regardless!) We talked to HEAPS of people! I love Christmas time.
That’s all I got! Have a good week!
Spiritual thought: Matthew 22:39 “Love your Neighbor as ye have loved me.”This is the Light the world challenge for today! So go out there and Love your neighbors!!!
Saying goodbye to Sister Pega, with Sister Taufa
Sister Diez and her tiny as bike that I built
I tried to scare sister Diez by hiding in the bike box, but she scared me instead and I tipped over… hahahahahaha

The One With The Poison Ivy

Kia Ora Kia Ora! I hope you all had a LOVELY Thanksgiving week!

Before I get started, we just found out about transfers! Sister Pega will be leaving me to go up to Hawke’s Bay (lucky girl), and I will be getting a brand new companion from the Philippines as well! Sister Diez! I am super pumped to train her, a bit humbled, but I know that the Lord will help me as I try to help her adjust to missionary life.
Besides that, Sister Pega and I have been SO busy this week! We started off our week with a family ZONE evening, because we had a zone P-day last week. (Our entire zone hiked the Hackett Hike that is near by, and then we had a BBQ on Tahunanui beach.) Our family zone evening went well, it is so nice to gain new inspiration from other missionaries. I love being a missionary.
We got to go out to the Jelsma’s farm again this week to do some work with the Motueka elders. Our job was to get rid of all the ivy on their property line, and then to poison the ground afterwards so that new ivy wouldn’t grow. (fun fact, they don’t have any Poison Ivy in NZ, but they do have heaps of huge spiders that like to hide behind the ivy until you least expect it, and then BAM. The elder’s thought it was quite funny, until I told one of them there was a spider on his back and he screamed… who’s laughing now?? Hahahahahaha)
Our week got busier as it went on, with the wedding planning and Baptism planning, and President Soloai said he would come to a musical fireside  that we were planning for yesterday, so that put extra pressure on us to plan a good one;)
The wedding went SO well, and the baptism, and De even got the preisthood on Sunday! I am so proud of him! Even though the fireside was stressful too, everything went according to plan and the spirit was beautiful. I had to sing another solo… (Who keeps signing me up for this stuff???) But that went ok too… GLAD this weekend is over. No more things to worry about:)
Spiritual thought: 1 Nephi 1:1. I too was born of Goodly parents! I just love them so much!
That’s all I got! Have a good week!

The One With The Wedding!

Kia Ora!!!

I am so exhausted. You know those weeks where you just work so hard, and at the end of each day you feel like you are going to fall over with exhaustion, then every morning you wake up with a HUGE smile on your face because you get to do it again?? That was this week. WOOWOOWOO!!!

We had exchanges with the Blenheim sisters this week! I was with Sister Eames! She is from St. George Utah! We spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Nelson, meaning that I lead the area, it went pretty smoothly! I love Nelson! (Besides all the hills…. it makes biking a killer….) But on exchanges, we went to Tahunanui beach and we drew a lesson in the sand, and then taught people! It was so fun!
Sister Pega and I have been doing more teaching this week! We found 2 new investigators!!!! That was a miracle! ALSO!  One of our investigators is getting baptised on Saturday, (his name is De) and we were worried about him because he’s living with his girlfriend… we didn’t know if he would be able to be baptised…. but they decided to get married on Friday! So we are wedding planning and baptism planning and it is so fun! A definite life saver moment this week.
One of our new investigators, Omi, came to our sports night that we have every Friday! That was super cool to have her there!
We have a new rule in our mission! We can’t use our car before 5pm... so we have been biking SO much. We bike about 25-40 K’s a day and it is SO sunny and SO hilly in Nelson, but it is all worth it! I love this place!
Have a great week!
Spiritual thought: Matthew 5:14-16, John 8:12, 3 Nephi 12:16. These scriptures all go with the Christmas initiative to LIGHT THE WORLD. #LTW.
Photos: Exchanges with sister Eames, Biking with groceries on the back, A baby tree that I found that lights up, #dream team

The One With The Pig Sty

Kia Ora!

What a BEAUTIFUL week to be a missionary. Have I ever told you how much I love being a missionary? My favorite part of the day would be putting on my badge that says that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. Man I love this place. 

So this week was full on, but I love being busy so that makes it worth it! Sister Pega and I went door knocking this week, and I forgot how much I love door knocking! We got to teach heaps of people at the door and gave out a few Book of Mormons. We can relate to a lot of people here because a lot have a Christian background. Even if they aren’t interested, they usually listen to us, which is nice. A lot of the people that we ran into were from Berma or Myanmar.
We had Zone Conference this week and I had to do give a presentation on finding ideas, and the negative cultures  that are going around the mission. I actually learned a lot from myself. Sister Pega and I drove the Soloai’s around while they were here. (As if I don’t already get stressed out by driving in this country, lets just put the mission president and his wife in the car and see how stressed sister Weight can be:)) But they were pretty funny. After Zone Conference, all 11 of us missionaries went out to the city of Nelson (this area is bigger than any other area I have had…it’s MASSIVE as.) and we did some finding! We gave out 19 Book of Mormon’s in an hour! It was so fun! After our finding, all the missionaries came to our sports night! It was cool to just play with the youth and relax after all the work we put into the conference.
All the missionaries spent the night in Nelson and the next morning, we all went to a service on that farm again! It was cool as! The weather is so sunny here! Sister pega and my job was to paint this brand new pig sty that they built, because next week they are getting 5 new piglets on the farm! It was so fun!!!
That’s about all for the week, Love you all!!!!
Photos: Plan of Salvation Chalk talk 2.0, Adventure time!
Spiritual thought: Luke 1:46. Ask yourself, How can I magnify the Lord in MY life? Mary was able to, and so are we!

The One With The Guy Fawkes

Sup everybody who gets this random email from me once a week! I hope that you are all having a LOVELY day. I am!!!!

This week was PRETTY AWESOME! First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! They don’t celebrate it here… but our branch decided to throw their first ever Trunk-or-Treat!!! There were like 4 cars that showed up… but our booth looked awesome! (I’ll put photos later:)) Happy New Zealand Halloween… where it is hot, and no one knows what they are doing!!! BUT, we ran out of lollies to hand out, and gave away a few Books of Mormon instead! Hahaha we are such missionaries!
As a zone, we have been doing this finding scavenger hunt all week! We have a list of different people that we have to talk to like, someone with a greenstone, someone out for a run, someone in a car when you are on a bike, someone on a bike when you are in a car…etc….:) It has been super fun to try to finish! The deadline for the challenge was Sunday night at 9, and Sister Pega and I finished at 8:30!!!! GO TEAM!!
We got to go to the waka ama races at Tahunanui bay this week! The Maori Iwi (tribe) that covers this area hosted a waka racing competition where they had to get in a canoe, and race to the island across the bay, and race back! Since it was a full moon, the waves were HUGE and a lot of the waka’s tipped over:) But it was funny to watch!
On Saturday night, we celebrated Guy Fawkes! It is a NZ/Austrailia holiday, where everyone blows off fireworks! We went to a members house and our hole branch came over to watch fireworks! It was super fun! I love the culture here! Have I told you today how much I love being a missionary??:)
Spiritual thought: Matthew 20:25-28. Jesus Christ was our perfect example! He teaches us in the scriptures how to be a good leader, and I have honestly tried to emulate this while I have been in New Zealand.
Talk to you next week!
-Sister Weight

The One With The Night In Bethlehem

Kia Ora Kotou Katoa!

WHAT A WEEK! So we had another lesson with our 2 new investigators, Danielle and Taynz, and they are really loving it! They have so many questions about God and who He is, and how they can know if He is there, everything we say they just soak up! It is cool to get to teach them! Also, we have one really progressing investigator, he has a baptismal date, but he is living with his girlfriend, and they have 2 kids. So we taught him about the Law of Chastity this week and he agreed that he would talk to his girlfriend about possibly getting married, so that he can keep his date! That was a cool as lesson!
On Friday, we went with the Nelson Elders and the Motueka Elders to a farm where one of our member’s lives to do some service! IT WAS SO FUN! We got to transplant some hazlenut trees, and we got to learn how to prune grape vines! I love the experiences I have had here in Aotearoa!
On Saturday, we had our ward Christmas party! Yes, I realise that it is still October, but it is never too early to celebrate our Savior’s birth! (Hence why I start singing Christmas music in July.) It was called “Night in Bethlehem” and we all dressed up like we were from that time period! They had fake cricket noises playing, authentic Jewish food that they sold at the “market place” (the gym was all decorated) and then they did the nativity play! It was so cool! I am so pumped for this Christmas season!!!!
We did a lot of biking this week… but other than that, that is pretty much all! I hope you all have a good week! Love you all HEAPS!!!
-Sister Weight
Spiritual thought: On the Christmas note: Luke 2:10-11

The One With All The Plane Rides!

Kia Ora!

First of all, shout out to Sister Duce for being born today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
THIS IS SISTER WEIGHT COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM THE SOUTH ISLAND!!! I love it here! Our flat is so flash! It has heated floors! And it is like 10 minutes from the beach so we  go there all the time to talk to people. And the people here are different than the north island, but it is just the best. Sister Pega and I have been working so hard and I just love her to bits!  And within our first hour together, Sister Pega and I met, taught, and committed 2 people to be new investigators! (Danielle and Taynz, they are 17 year old twins, and I can’t wait to teach them more!) I have a feeling this will be a great transfer:) I could not ask for anything better!  The weather here is so warm. Between going to the beach, and biking all over I am quite sun burnt, but it’s worth it. I guess there is a reason that they call it “sunny Nelson”:)
So on Tuesday, we had to pick up Sister Ami’s new comp, Sister Barao! She is from Kiribati! It was hard to leave Hawke’s Bay, but I know that Having a Kiribati sister in our branch, will help it grow SO much!
Wednesday, I flew from Napier, to Wellington, then got on another flight to Nelson! I LOVE IT HERE!
Friday morning, early we had to fly back to Wellington for MLC and meetings with President and Sister Soloai! That was really cool. There are going to be lots of changes in the mission, and we had a good chance to talk about how we can implement them. There were no flights back to Nelson on Friday, so we spent the night in Papakowhai with Sister Walton and Sister Malupeng! That was an adventure! 
Saturday we flew back home, and it was good to finally be on solid ground. I sat next to a really cool lady on the last plane ride though! She was heading to Nelson because her mum is dying, and so I got to share with her the Plan of Salvation. It was really cool. I know I sat next to her on the plane for a reason! THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!!! 
We spent the Holiday weekend on the beach talking to people! It was so fun! I just love being a missionary. 
Have a great week! Love you all! 
Spiritual thought: 1 John 4:7-9. God is our loving Heavenly Father. 
-Sister Weight
Nelson, Wellington airport, Hawke’s Bay, Sister Duce and I at MLC

The One With The Burger King Crowns

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora!!!

WHAT A WEEK!!! We had a bunch of exchagnes this week with Sister Nacar, Sister Byrnes, and Sister Oh. They are so cute. I have loved learning from them all!!! Each person that I get to serve around teaches me so much! What an incredible sponge opportunity I have to soak everything up!
On Wednesday the Elder’s had a baptism! They invited us to come, so we brought one of our investigators, Kabwebwe! She loved it! She wants to be baptized too! What a sweet spirit that was to experience! EXCEPT: The elder who was supposed to sing the musical number got sick and I had to sing his solo in front of everyone! More stretching and growing for Sister Weight. My face was bright red, but I managed to finish it before running off the podium and into the pews as fast as I possibly could… good grief. #YourWelcomeElders
On Thursday, it was Sister Byrnes’s Birthday! We threw her a surprise picnic, Spiderman themed! She loves spiderman so we had Spiderman Kazoos and a blanket, and hats! I felt like I was 10 again, but it was so great!
On Sunday, Sister Ami and I taught the sharing time to the primary kids in the Flaxmere 2nd ward! We taught about temples, and did a matching game! Those kids light up my world!!!
Well in other news, transfers is this week and I will be leaving my beloved Hawkes Bay… AGAIN. I am going to the SOUTH ISLAND! I will be in Nelson which is the tip of the south, but still south enough:) I am companions with SISTER PEGA! She’s my MTC companion…. I am SO pumped!!! I am sad to leave Sister Ami, and the people I have met here, but I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else! I look forward to the new adventure!
So the subject for the email… today we had a zone banquet to celebrate the fact that our zone reached the initiative that we set at the beginning of the transfer to find 40 new investigators! We wanted it to be really special, so the Zone Leaders and Sister Ami and I have been going to Burger King and ordering their .70 cent cones so that they will give us those BK crowns. We gathered enough for the whole zone to wear one while we ate at the banquet. It was pretty much the best thing ever. #WorthIt
Sorry again that my life is so random… catch ya next week from NELSON! OFA ATU!
Spiritual thought: Alma 26:27. Just read it. It’s the best. Be patient and the Lord WILL give you success. It’s a promised blessing!

The One With The Rescue

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora from Aotearoa!

Joke of the week:

Question: Why did the Lamanites eat off the table??
Answer: Because  the Nephites stole all the plates! *Ba-dum-chhhhh*
Bahahahahaha that was a corny missionary joke, but welcome to my life:) This was an AWESOME week! we had exchanges on Wednesday, and I got to be with Sister Byrnes in Flaxmere! She is amazing. She is from Australia, and we spent the whole day serving, teaching, and trying to imitate each others accents! It was the greatest.
Then, on Thursday, we did ANOTHER exchange and I got to be with Sister Oh again! She is full of surprises! She is very quiet, but she’s secretly like the best hip hop dancer I have ever met! She is so cute! How blessed I am to be able to serve with such amazing people!
On Tuesday we were able to take part in a ward rescue visit, where members of our ward went out to visit those people who haven’t been to church in a long time. We had 4 sets of missionaries there, and as we did our visits, we experienced a miracle! The family we got assigned to visit, wasn’t home. There was someone else who popped into my head, but I couldn’t remember their address. Just then, 2 members from our ward drove past and suggested that we visit THAT EXACT FAMILY. Coincidence? I think not. They gave us the address, and we were able to have a GREAT lesson with them. We asked them their reason for not coming to church, and they said it was because they were lazy. I asked them what it would take for them to come back, and they said we would have to keep visiting them! So we said DEAL. I love this place.
Last of all, Holy Chicken nuggets, did you watch GENERAL CONFERENCE???? Like wow. #Inspired #AnsweredQuestions #Idon’tKnowWhyIStartedTheHashtagThing #I’mDoneNow
But yeah, watch General Conference if you haven’t. Re-watch it if you have. I PROMISE it will change your life. Have a great week! Kakite! Tia Boo!
Spiritual thought: Alma 17:10-11
We can all be an instrument in the hand of the Lord to bring about his work, if we will just set a good example to those around us and strive to live as He would!
District hike on Monday, Sister Byrnes and I on exchanges (the shirt speaks the truth), Guess who came to see me!, and typical Sister Weight