The One With The Manuea Asofanu

How goes it in the real world?? Hahaha here is how my life is going:
BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY. Busier than ever! I love it! We had DLC on Tuesday, which is a meeting where the leaders of the zone train all of the District leaders on what we learned at MLC. That was pretty fun! We talked a lot about the new rule changes that President Soloai is making… should make things interesting for the mission.
On Saturday, It was my beloved companion’s birthday! ( I think I have literally been with all my companion’s on their birthday… I LOVE IT) We did some service in the morning for a member, Debbie. The elders helped, and we built her some garden boxes, and dug up some old plants! The weather was BEAUTIFUL! Oh how I missed my sunny Hawke’s Bay.
On Sunday, at church, I ran into 2 of my favorite families from the last time I was up here! It turned into a tear fest, and lots of hugs. I love this place. It has really felt like I am coming home.
Among other things,  we have 2 baptisms coming up! Both of them we set the dates this week, (Tyler, and Tewia) so that was cool! They are both people that I taught last time I was here, so it is cool to finally set them with a date! I was like… What are you waiting for??? ☺

 And we got 2 new investigators, from contacting former investigators! We had our first district meeting of the transfer this week, and we did some service at the rest home here! What a great week! 

Well that is all I have time for, I hope you all have a GREAT week! KIA KAHA! Tu Whitia te hopo!
Spiritual thought: Ecclesiastes 1:1-8 Heavenly Father’s plan for us is SO perfect. Sometimes it may feel like all is going wrong…. trust me I know. When I rains, it pours. BUT, if we can just take a FEW more steps, if we can just make it around the corner, we will be able to glimpse just how perfect His plan. We will get to see just how much He truly loves us and is aware of us. We will get to see that all is well. There is a time and a season for all things. Our job, is to learn to trust that. Come what may, and love it. “And all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.”
I love you all tu meke! Alofa atu!
–Sister Ashly Weight

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