The One With All The Traveling!


MAN OH MAN! It’s Sister Weight comin atchyou live from Beautiful sunny Flaxmere, NZ. Bahahaha I hope this email finds you all well!!! Thanks for all of you that email me:) I love hearing from you!
A lot happened this week so hang on while I try to articulate it all!
On Tuesday night we spent the night in Omahu with Sister Quinlan and Sister Nacar because they live closer to the airport. They had to drop us off at the airport on Wednesday morning at 5am so that we could fly to Christchurch!!!! It was a beautiful flight. I am so lucky. (If you ever get a chance to come to NZ, DO IT!!!) We went to Christchurch to meet with our mission president, other missionaries, and a member of the Quorum of the 70! (Elder Cardon.) That was a really cool, spiritually uplifting day, PLUS I got to go to the south island!!! Woowoowoo! We flew back into the Napier airport that night, and even though we were totally exhausted, that was such a cool experience. It was super cool because we flew out at sunrise, and flew back at sunset, so the views were unbelievable.
Sister Amato and I barely had time to unpack on Thursday, before we drove down to Palmerston North with the Omahu sisters to spend the night before mission tour! We stayed the night with Sister Wilbur and Sister Tupou, Sister Quinlan and Sister Nacar! Mission tour means all the missionaries in our mission from the North Island come together for a conference. It was so cool, I got to see SISTER DUCE! And SISTER BISHOP!!! AND SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE THAT I LOVE!!!! My heart was so full. We drove back on Friday night, and we were all SO tired from the long drive. (correction, not all the Sisters in my car were tired, they all fell asleep, but I was so tired. Perks of being designated driver:)
Once all the traveling was over, SIster Amato and I finally had time to focus on our area. Our Kiribati branch had their dance competition in celebration of their 7 years of being a branch. (Pictures included). That was so cool. We are the only Kiribati branch in the world outside of Kiribati, and I am so proud of our branch for how hard they work.
Fun fact: Seth and Rebecca, 2 kids from a part member family we were teaching in Feilding got baptized this week! Sister Duce told me! I love that family!!!!
Well, that is all for this week! Hope you all have a great week!
Spiritual thought: Alma 38:2-3. I love these scriptures because Alma is complementing his son Shibblon on his faithfulness and steadfastness. I that sometimes when changes come our way, it is easy to focus on the negatives. I have noticed that in myself, as changes come on my mission. When things become unfamilar of uncomfortable, it can be easy to see all the things that are going wrong. Something that we can learn from the example in this scripture, is to be Faithful, steadfast, and positive no matter the circumstance. Look for the good. Seek it out of this ever darkening world. “we can either choose to be happy or sad. I choose to be happy.” Marjorie Pay Hinckely.

The One With The Mogamoga

Kia Ora, Mauri, Bula vinaka, Kia Orana, Malo e’lelei, and Talofa lava!!!!
Let’s get straight into it, because I have lots to tell!!! On Monday, we had a combined family home evening with our entire Kiribati branch! There were heaps of non-members there! It was super cool, because we got to talk about the Plan of Salvation, and the spirit was so strong. Plus there was HEAPS of food, so that’s always a plus;)
On Wednesday, we were going through our ward list to contact some families that have 8 year old children who are not yet baptized, and we came across this really cool family! Their 9 year old son really wants to be baptized, so he became a new investigator! We are going to be working with their family, to hopefully bring them back to church and make that a possibility. His name is Masao and he is the coolest! Definitely the Lord’s hand.
There were a lot of times this week when we were put in the right place at the exact right time. I know that the Lord’s hand is in this work. It is cool when you get to see a glimpse at how perfect God’s plan really is.
On Saturday, we got to go to Anahera’s Baptism! She is a teenager that I taught when I was in Bridge Pa last time!!! Her sister, Pattrisha, got baptized when I was here last, but now Anahera is baptized as well!!! She was absolutely glowing! I loved that I got to be a part of her special day!
On Sunday night, we had dinner with the Moate family! They are SO cool! Their daughter invited a friend over, and we got to share a message about how families can be together forever. She said that she wants to come to church next week! Miracles of member missionary work!!! I love this calling! Oku Faka Ofo Ho Uiui’i!!!!!
The meaning of the subject: So Mogamoga means Cockroach in Samoan. (I am practically fluent in Samoan now thanks to my beautiful companion;)) So this week, there were quite a few cockroaches in our flat, so I kept yelling for Sister Amato to save me… Luckily she always does:) I am so lucky to have her!
That’s all for now folks! Have a great week! Arohanui!
Spiritual thought: John 16:33. We can be of good cheer all the time, because God’s plan for us is always going to be in our favor. The plan of Salvation that our Father created for us is not an even playing field. It favors you. It favors not only your success, but the success of each and every single one of His children. Everything in this life has been organized and arranged to maximize your opportunity to succeed.
pic #1: With Pattrisha at Anahera’s Baptism
pic #2: Anahera and her parents
pic #3: all the Kiribati food
pic #4: Our weakness

The One With The Lion King


What a whirlwind week! Our Kiribati branch is having a branch camp next week, and they wanted to have a dance competition at the camp! It will be the Flaxmere members vs. the Hastings members, and the practices this week have been pretty intense! Sister Amato and I went to one of the Flaxmere rehearsals, and learned all of these Kiribati dances! It was so fun! They were laughing at how well we were doing…. Don’t underestimate the power of the missionaries!!!
On top of those practices, our Flaxmere 2nd ward is entered in a music festival! We are going to be performing acapella, “The Circle of Life” From the Lion King. I am  so pumped! We had practice on Friday, and the music coordinator for our ward, Sister Lawrence, asked me to sing the solo…. Ummmm I don’t sing! She ended up asking our bishop to do it;)
On Saturday, one of our member’s husbands passed away, so we went over to visit her. They were hanging in there, but they hadn’t eaten all day, so Sister Amato and I made them dinner. We made Chicken Curry, and while we were in their kitchen, there was this massive shark in a bucket on the floor. They wanted me to gut it…. but we ran out of time… drat! Bahahaha Next time;) Islanders….
MIRACLE OF THE WEEK!!! There were about 40 members at our Kiribati sacrament meeting on Sunday! That is more than we have ever had! I was so happy! Sister Amato and I were just looking around, like EVERYONE is here! It was so cool! Hopefully we can keep the numbers up! That’s pretty much all for the week… another week of random happenings with sister Weight.
I Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for the love!
Spiritual thought: 1 Peter 1:7, The trials we have towards our faith, are far more precious than gold. They make us stronger, and they build us towards Christ. “To our Father alone could we turn for comforting support, not to ask for relief from, but strength to endure what was to come.” Although these trials may push us down, there is one person we can turn to for strength. There is one person who can lift us up out of that place, and make us stronger! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Faith can move mountains!!!
-Sister Weight
Pic #1: Shark,
Pic #2: Kiribati Branch Relief society
Pic #3: Sister Amato and I

The One With The Manuea Asofanu

How goes it in the real world?? Hahaha here is how my life is going:
BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY. Busier than ever! I love it! We had DLC on Tuesday, which is a meeting where the leaders of the zone train all of the District leaders on what we learned at MLC. That was pretty fun! We talked a lot about the new rule changes that President Soloai is making… should make things interesting for the mission.
On Saturday, It was my beloved companion’s birthday! ( I think I have literally been with all my companion’s on their birthday… I LOVE IT) We did some service in the morning for a member, Debbie. The elders helped, and we built her some garden boxes, and dug up some old plants! The weather was BEAUTIFUL! Oh how I missed my sunny Hawke’s Bay.
On Sunday, at church, I ran into 2 of my favorite families from the last time I was up here! It turned into a tear fest, and lots of hugs. I love this place. It has really felt like I am coming home.
Among other things,  we have 2 baptisms coming up! Both of them we set the dates this week, (Tyler, and Tewia) so that was cool! They are both people that I taught last time I was here, so it is cool to finally set them with a date! I was like… What are you waiting for??? ☺

 And we got 2 new investigators, from contacting former investigators! We had our first district meeting of the transfer this week, and we did some service at the rest home here! What a great week! 

Well that is all I have time for, I hope you all have a GREAT week! KIA KAHA! Tu Whitia te hopo!
Spiritual thought: Ecclesiastes 1:1-8 Heavenly Father’s plan for us is SO perfect. Sometimes it may feel like all is going wrong…. trust me I know. When I rains, it pours. BUT, if we can just take a FEW more steps, if we can just make it around the corner, we will be able to glimpse just how perfect His plan. We will get to see just how much He truly loves us and is aware of us. We will get to see that all is well. There is a time and a season for all things. Our job, is to learn to trust that. Come what may, and love it. “And all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.”
I love you all tu meke! Alofa atu!
–Sister Ashly Weight