The One With All The Deja-Voo

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora!!!

This is Sister Weight, coming to you live from FLAXMERE, NZ. I never thought I would get to say that again!!! Hahaha, I am back in the beautiful, sunny, Hawke’s bay! It is still cold here, but it has been sunny everyday (unlike rainy Feilding) so I can’t complain.
Saying goodbye to my beloved Feilding ward, and especially Sister Duce was so sad. We had to pick up her new companion, Sister Moek, (from Cambodia) on Tuesday, and then I spent that night in Palmy so that I could make my bus on time on Wednesday morning. I rode the bus to Hastings with Elder Ragsag. (He is the funniest Philippino I have ever met) We ended up getting off the bus at the wrong stop, and we were stranded because our companions didn’t know where we were. We decided to use our mad skills to ask some cute lady if we could borrow her phone. She was so helpful! AND luckily I remembered my old phone number here to call them. It was a miracle for sure. But now we are here, safe and sound, with our companions.

My new companion is Sister Amato! She is from Samoa! We served together in Palmy, so it is cool that I get to be her companion now. She is the best!

We had to leave Hawke’s Bay on Thursday night to drive to Wellington for MLC. That was super fun! Nothing like a 6 hour road trip to get to know your new copmanion;) She’s cool as. MLC was awesome! President Soloai is changing a lot of the rules and organization of our mission, so it is cool that we get to be a part of it all.
We got back to our area early Saturday morning, because we had a baptism in the Kiribati branch!  Her name is Nikirara! She got married last weekend in order to be baptized on Saturday, and it was cool to see her progress since I was last in this area.
Among other things, I am so behind on my Kiribati now so I will have to study up, and being back in these units has brought back a lot of memories. It feels like I have deja-voo all the time. It is good to be back here, and I am just so grateful for all the experiences I have had on my mission so far. We attended a Kiribati Birthday party on Saturday night, and man it was crazy! I love the cultures here so much! Sorry for the long email, this isn’t even all that happened this week, but I will stop torturing you now:) Have a good week! OFA ATU!
P.S. sorry for the no pictures 2 weeks in a row! I promise I will make up for it next week!
Spiritual thought: Matthew 27:22. Ask yourself: “What shall (I) Do with Jesus Who is called Chrsit?
-SIster Weight

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