The One With The Dairy Farm!

Kia Ora friends and whanau!!!!

I love being a missionary, I love being a missionary, I love being a missionary!

Sister Duce and I are on fire! Feilding is really where it is at! We have been helping a member family in our ward pack up their stuff because they are moving this week, which has been really sad, but really cool because they are like our second family! One day, after we were done packing, they took us to this dairy farm! We bought milk straight from the cow! It was SO cool!  Have I mentioned how much I love New Zealand?
We went to another baptism this week in Whangagnui, and  we taught a lesson there. Our mission president, President Soloai, came! It was his first convert baptism as our president, so that was a cool thing to be a part of!
This week our STL’s gave us a finding challenge to do each day! Like, on Tuesday, we weren’t allowed to use the car, we had to bike everywhere, and talk to everyone that we passed. Then on Wednesday, we had to use the Book of Mormon in every contact. We had to talk to everyone about the power of that little blue book. On Thursday, we had to doorknock around all of our members houses, and then on Friday, we had to use whiteboards in all of our lessons and contacting! We took a small whiteboard door knocking with us, and we wrote the word “love” on it. We asked people what love was to them. Then we changed it to “God’s love” and asked them how they have felt God’s love in their lives. Then we added “God’s plan of Love” and got to teach about the plan of Salvation! Each day that we pushed ourselves to try new things, we grew a bit more, and had som cooler experiences! We got to talk to some really cool people and I know that those people really needed t hear about how much God loves them. It was incredible to see the miracles that came from those challenges! I am forever grateful for our STL’s and the way that they motivated us to see our potential!!!

P.S. I am transferring on Wednesday! Sister Duce will be training a new sister from Cambodia, and I am SO PROUD OF HER!!!! I will miss her terribly, but the work will go on! I will be going back up to Flaxmere, to my first area! Adventures lie ahead! Stay tuned!!

Spiritual thought: 1 John4:18-19

I know that every week I write about how we need charity and love, but honestly it is so important. If we can just learn to love ALL those around us, despite our differences, we can be so blessed, and we will be so much happier.
I Love you all Tu meke! Have a good week!

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