The One With The 20th

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora!!

WHAT A WEEK! It was SO cold and rainy here, so if you are complaining of heat where ever you are, just remember that some of us are experiencing the wettest winter, so count your blessings!:)
Last Monday, we went to the Manuatu gorge and did a hike! It was SO beautiful! I will have to send photos later! (But google it, because reals, it was cool as.) We went with all the other sisters in our zone, so that was a really fun day!
On Wednesday, it was Sister Solo’s birthday, and she took us out  to breakfast! (We tried to take her out, but she wouldn’t let us…) But it was cool because some of her work mates came, and we all got to talk about the gospel! Sister Solo is just so cool, she is such a good missionary and we love her!
On Thursday it was MY 20TH BIRTHDAY! What the heck. I am no longer a teenager… where did the time go??? Thank you to everyone who emailed me! I hope that I have time to reply to all of you, but if not, I LOVE YOU! My district surprised me at our district meeting with balloons, and a big sign. They are the best. I literally have the coolest district!
Minus the torrential rains and dreary weather, it was a great week! We have been driving all over our area to deliver invitations to a relief society activity that we have coming up! So that was cool. Usually on the North island, they don’t get snow, but some parts of our area got a couple inches this week! We keep hearing about the poor missionaries on the south island that are snowed in… heehee at least we just have rain!
Well I hope you all have a great week! I am thinking about you!
Spiritual thought: Hebrews 11:1.
Faith is something that we can’t see. It is something that we all have to develop. It is something that we all need, because it becomes our foundation, and our hope. I am grateful for the faith that I do have, and I know that if we act on our faith, our faith will build and we will eventually be able to have no fear. Because faith is the opposite of fear! Kia Kaha!
-Sister Weight

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