The One With The $800 Carrot Cake

Malo e’ lelei kinga lotu!

What another great week of living in the blessing! Sister Duce and I have been working with our ward mission leader to plan a ward activity as a follow up for the MMTC that we did. On Saturday we did a ward service auction that our members could bring their friends to! It was such a cool activity, and we got a lot of our investigators involved! One of our investigators even volunteered to be the auctioneer. It was a super cool experience because we could just feel the ward unity and the support of the ward. Now, all the services that were bought will be performed, and the ward members will be fellowship the nonmembers that were in attendance through their services! What a cool experience to be a part of! I have loved getting to see this ward grow, and even more, how much the ward has grown me in my time here! There is a master baker in our ward, and she was aucitoning off a huge carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, (That is Sister Duce’s favorite) So we were trying to get people to pool their money with us, so that we could win. We ended up spending $800 dollars trying to get that cake. (Don’t worry folks it was monopoly money:)) And it was worth every cent.
Other than that, our week has been a bit slow, but the work must go on! We have 4 progressing investigators, 13 other investigators and 2 investigators with a baptismal date. So, I can’t complain. I love my life. I love my companion. I love being a missionary!
I hope that you all have a GREAT week this week!
Spiritual thought: 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10. This scripture has really come to life this week, I know that through our challenges we can become strong. Sometimes we feel weaker than we want to, and sometimes we just get pushed really far past our comfort levels so that we can grow. It may not feel like we can ever get out of the funk that we are in, or that we can never get past the trial we are currently facing, but if we can just take a few more steps. If we can just have a little more faith. If we can just be a little stronger than we were the day before. Relief WILL come. I can promise you that. God sometimes doesn’t will for something to happen, but He allows it to happen because it fulfills His higher purpose, and turns us into the person He needs us to be for tomorrow. Heaven is cheering us on yesterday, today, and forever.
Friendly Feilding
Tasting heaven (AKA it won’t stop raining…)
Just for fun!

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