The One With The Big Goodbye

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora!

WHAT a week. Sister Duce and I have been busier than ever, and Feilding New Zealand is just ON FIRE. I love it. Every day we get home, and we say “That was the best day EVER!” And then we some how beat it the next day. If any of you are considering serving a mission, I would whole-heartedly encourage it. Oku Faka Ofo Ho Uiui’i!!!
We had our very last zone conference with our beloved mission president, President Hudson and his wife, Sister Hudson. We all cried so much. It was very sad, but we look forward to the arrival of our new President, President Soloai! I know that this is all part of God’s plan, and that His plan is more perfect than ours.
On Wednesday this week, we helped out with transfers! There weren’t enough Sisters left in our areas when people needed to get transferred, so sister Duce and I went on splits with them so that they would all have a companion. I went with Sister Ami! I had to take her to the emergency room, because she fell off her bike, and fractured her elbow! That took forever, but she is all bandaged up, and she is doing much better! (She’s not allowed to ride her bike anymore though….) All good. She was a trooper.
On Sunday, Sister Duce had to play the piano at church, and I had to be the chorister because our normal people weren’t there. That was…. interesting. I now have a greater appreciation for all ward choristers. Hahahahaha.
This week we got 4 new investigators! Feilding literally is on Fire. I love it! We are now teaching 2 new couples, Matt and Claire, and Mike and Claire….. that’s not confusing:) But they are all so into it! I can’t wait to see where this goes!
I hope you all have a great week!
Kakite ano!
Spiritual thought: Micah 6:8. I was thinking about this scripture this week, and the different walks that we are all on with God. We need to make sure that we are walking humbly with Him, so that he can lead us. Like the primary song ” I am a child of God”. “Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way. Teach me all that I can do, to live with Him someday.”
-Sister Weight
1. Me and this random cat
2. Me and Sister Duce
3. We went out to lunch with the STL’s and couldn’t resist this photo op.
4. Another perfect photo op!

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