The One Where We Get Locked Out!!!

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora!

I hope that this email can travel through all the little computer magic stuff and find you all safely!
WHAT A WEEK! We had a couple of exchanges this week, and that was so fun! I got to be with Sister Leonard, and also with her companion Sister Amato! That was fun! When I was with Sister Amato, we door knocked for like 3 hours… but we only got a few doors slammed in our face, so that was a bonus! I love being a missionary!:)
Sister Duce and I had to teach a lesson at District meeting this week! Sister Duce didn’t want to, but she did so great! We taught about how to be happy, and how to find people to teach! It was pretty cool, because I feel like those are 2 areas that we have really been working on, and it was cool to get to share that with the other missionaries in our area!
Oh and fun fact! When you are a missionary, and the Sacrament speakers fall through at church, the Bishopric may ask you to speak 5 minutes before your name is called over the pulpit. It’s great. BUT, if you are a really cool missionary, you will take up the talk that you have prepared for those “just in case moments”, speak for a solid 15 minutes, and make the whole ward proud. #ThisReallyHappened #TheBishopricWasSoSurprised #OnToIt. #WayToGoMe
ANYWAYS, another cool as story: This morning, we got locked out of our flat! It was so funny, we ran out really quick to buy milk, and we left our planners, our keys, our phone and everything inside the flat. So we proceeded to try to break into our flat for a solid 45 minutes… but man that place is secure! So we finally accepted defeat and asked our neighbor if we could borrow her phone. She let us and LUCKILY I remembered our STL’s phone number so they came and saved us. Good times, Good times.
Spiritual thought: Alma 36: 24-25. When we are working to the limit of our strength, to do the things that our Father in Heaven would have us do, we will be blessed with JOY. Joy is a blessing. I think that is why I am finding so much joy in my mission. Because I know why I am here. Nothing is going to stop me from doing this work, and even when it doesn’t work out, that doesn’t mean we have to get discouraged! it just means we have to get up, dust off and try again. I know that God loves us. I know that all he wants for us is to be happy, and he is willing to bless us with happiness when we do what He would have us do.
Have a Joy filled, amazing, super awesomesause week!
-Sister Weight
#1: Exchanges
#2: Sister Amato and I
#3: My Pulatasi!
#4: Sister Duce and I made German Pancakes!!! (Thanks mom:))

The One With The LICE

KIA ORA KIA ORA KIA ORA from Aotearoa!!!

What a week of miracles! Just another week of living in the blessing! Lemme tell ya! So the Leaders of the zone (The STL’s and Zone Leaders) have challenged us as a zone to find 80 new investigators this transfer! All of the missionaries in the zone have been doing a Prayer of Faith at 2:00pm each day, and last Sunday we had a zone fast, to ensure that Heavenly Father would help us achieve our goal. Sister Duce and I worked so hard this week, and we found 5 New Investigators!!! It was insane! We found a few from contacting former investigators, a few from our own efforts, and a few from part member families! it has been a spiritually uplifting week, and we are now excited to start teaching even more! I think as a zone this week we found 21 new investigators, and  I know for a fact that Heavenly Father has prepared these people for us, and that we have been prepared for them! We only have about 43 more to find in the next 3 weeks, but I have faith that we can do it! Exciting!!!
So funny story, Sister Duce got lice! We have pretty much been living in fear all week, poor thing. But at least I haven’t gotten them yet! We are just going to keep washing everything and vacuuming like crazy!!! Hahaha… welcome to another one of the amazing adventures with Sister Duce and Sister Weight:)
Also, Last P-day we climbed trees and went for a bike ride! (as if we don’t bike enough during the week….:)) It was so fun! I feel like my emails are always so random… but yeah, I hope that you all enjoy my fun memories!
Oh and one of the new Investigators that we got this week Has FULL FACIAL tattoos! My companion is scared of him, but his name is Gypsy… so how scary can he be? We are going to be homies. I can tell. Hahaha He needs the gospel.
Spiritual thought: Matthew 10: 32, 38, 39.
All we have been asked to do is forget about ourselves and serve our Father in Heaven. We can find ourselves more fully when we look out. Meaning, we look towards our Savior, and not around at the people of the world. We have got to learn to fear God more than man, or we will never find lasting peace and success. I love being a missionary!!!
Have a BLESSED week! Arohanui!
-Sister Weight

The One With Mom’s Day

Talofa Lava!!!

This week was SO cool! ( I know I say that every week, but every week it is true! I wouldn’t lie to ya;)) So to start off, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! I love my momma so much! If you don’t know her, your life is incomplete, and you must get to know her right now. For Mother’s day, I got to skype my cutie little family! I love them so much! I felt like Kipp from Napoleon Dynamite when he sings that song “I love Technology… always and forever”. We are so blessed to  be able to have modern technology. I mean, I live on a tiny as little island in the middle of the Ocean, and yet, I can still talk to my Whanau! I love it!
ANYWAYS, on to the rest of the week! We had exchanges this week! I got to be with my dearest Sister Leonard again! It was so good to see her and serve with her again! We were door knocking this one street, and one of the doors that we tried, was this cutie old lady named Trish, and I don’t know how it happened, but she shared her life story with us and we were all in tears. I love that I can help people and get them to see the hand of our Heavenly Father in their lives. There is absolutely no other place I would rather be!
One of the families that we are teaching here, their daughter Willow turned 7 so we went to her birthday party! She is SO cute! Also, another one of our investigators named Kathleen, turned 70 this week, so we got her some flowers! She’s the coolest.
We had another Zone Conference this week that was POWERFUL. It was a little bitter sweet, because it was our last one with President and Sister Hudson. They will be leaving their mission next month. We will be sad to see them go, but all things happen for a reason! I look forward to meeting President Soloai!
Well, another week has come and gone, and another Spiritual thought that I would love to share! Mark 9: 23-24, is just a cool story. I like these verses because it shows us that even when we might have doubts in our own abilities to believe, we can turn to our Savior Jesus Christ, to fill up our unbelief. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have of the gospel, and for the person that it is shaping me into!
I hope you all have a FANTASTIC WEEK!
Ofa Lahi Atu,
Sister Weight

The One With The Longest Fast Of All Time

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora Homies!!!

I hope that his email finds you all well and HAPPY!
This week was a roller coaster! Wooo! On Monday we had a really great Family home Evening with a bunch of members and an investigator! His name is Kalim, and he is doing really well! He is 12, and he speaks fluent Maori, so he has been  teaching Sister Duce and I some simple stuff:) I love it.
We also had some really great lessons with our other investigators this week too! We taught 2 of them about the Book of Mormon, and about the prophet Joseph Smith. I actually just really love teaching people! The spirit was so strong, and 1 of them immediately said, “I know that’s true. It must be true. You can just feel that it’s true.” POWERFUL.
It was a great fast Sunday yesterday, and I learned a LOT at church! I love going to church! Sister Duce and I were fasting for our investigators to progress and for one of the senior missionaries that we loved, who had to go home because he got cancer! We hope he gets better soon! It was insane though because we ended up fasting for SO long because we couldn’t get any food until like 9 at night… and one of the members (Sister Solo) dropped off food for us! She is the best:)
Well that is all the time that I have for this week! I hope you all have a great week!
Spiritual thought: Matthew 18:12-14. This is the parable about the ninety and nine sheep. I love this story because the Shepherd, Christ, loves all of His sheep, but he especially loves the one that was lost. He loves that is 99 are taken care of, but his joy becomes more full when he is able to bring the 1 back to His fold. It just teaches us that even when we make mistakes, Jesus Christ, Our Savior, will love us EVEN MORE when we return to him. No mistake is to big, no downfall is too hard, no weakness is too much to miss out of His Redeeming love. He will ALWAYS be there. Always.

The One With Anzac Day!

Kia Ora everyone!

Man this week was jam packed! Sister Duce and I didn’t have a car this week because it was in the shop, so we biked EVERYWHERE! I am exhausted. Hahaha but it is a good exhausted.
On Tuesday, it was  Anzac day here! We had a dawn ceremony at 6:15 to honor all of the men and women that have died in war. (Kind of like our Veteran’s day I think…) It was a really cool moment to reflect on how truly lucky we are to live a free country. Everyone was in town to celebrate, and it gave us some really cool opportunities to talk to  people about their family history!!! I love this place!
Wednesday we had interviews with our mission president! I found out that I am not transferring! WOOWOOWOO! I will stay in Feilding for another 6 weeks to finish Sister Duce’s training! I am SO pumped!
On Saturday, JAMES GOT BAPTIZED!!! I am SO happy for him. I can’t stop smiling when I think about it! It wasn’t an easy ride to get him there, but his family was so softened, and they really did support it in the end! MIRACLES. Heavenly Father loves all of his children!
On Sunday night, we had a fireside called the MMTC (Member Missionary Training Centre) with our ward that was SO fun! Our ward got trained on how to be “member missionaries” It has been so cool to see this ward grow in my time being here! I love this place!!!

I have so much more to say, and so little time… also I forgot my camera today… so no photos sorry! I promise to make up for it next week!

I love you all, God loves you all. He has a plan for your life. And you don’t know it, but the challenges you are facing right now are making you stronger for the future. YOU GOT THIS. KIA KAHA.
Kakite! Ofa atu!
-Sister Weight