The One With The Yellow Vest

Kia Ora my amazing homies!
What a week! It has only been a few days since I last wrote, but so much has happened! This week our whole zone had a competition to see who could bike the most hours, and Sister Duce and I won! We biked SO much! I am SO sore and tired, but I am also so glad that we got to bike and meet heaps of new people! That was so fun! Miracles come from being visible! I can promise you that!!
On Saturday, our ward met up with a group called “Keep Feilding Beautiful” and we painted all the bridges in Feilding…. I think we painted about 10 of them with our cute Yellow Mormon Helping Hands vests on! We also got matching yellow bucket hats to wear, we looked so cute. I love our ward! It was fun to just be outside, and to paint:)
Saturday night and Sunday, we had stake conference! The Whanganui sisters had to spend the night with us! That was so fun! President Hudson talked in both sessions, it was so good to see him!
Other than that, my week was a normal missionary week:) I love this place tu meke!
Spiritual thought: I have been thinking a lot this week about charity! We absolutely have to have charity towards everyone. It is so important that we learn to see others as God sees them, and then to see ourselves as He sees us. We should not be afraid to do the right thing just because other people might not approve. If God would be proud of the choices we make, then that is all that matters. I am working really hard to have more charity and love towards others!!! I encourage all of you to do the same!
love you all tu meke!
-Sister Weight

The One With The Umu!

Kia Ora Whanau!
I hope you are all having a fantastic day! The holidays have messed up our P-day, which I why I am emailing today! SO MUCH has happened, I don’t even know where to begin!
I think I will start with the exciting stuff! So on Monday, it was our Bishop’s son’s first birthday! His name is Manumalo, he is SO cute! So we went to his party, and the whole Samoan half of our ward was there! Sister Duce bought Manumalo a dinosaur toy, and I got him a huge blue ball… He loves us:) At the party, they did a HUGE umu! Which is a way that they cook on the ground with hot rocks back in the island. They cooked a whole pig! It was actually really yummy! If you get past the part that it looks like a cute little pig… I love islanders so much! It was a cool experience… only in New Zealand.
We had a really cool experience with our investigator James this week! His family finally agreed to let him be baptized!!! So he gets baptized this Saturday! I can see the difference that he is making for his family, and I am SO beyond proud of him! He is going to make a great missionary one day! I love my job!
I hope you all had a great Easter! Sister Duce and I did! I think I finally convinced her that “breakfast dessert” is a thing… so we ate all of our Easter candy so fast. She’s great. We had Easter dinner at the Duffin’s house! They are a member family, and they are from England! Such cuties.
Sadly, I have no more time to send more cool stories, but we found 4 new investigators this week, and we have just seen SO many miracles. We are still being hit with crazy torrential rains, and floods, but that means there is no shortage of rainbows. I LOVE THIS PLACE. And I mean, who doesn’t love biking, in the rain, and cold, in a skirt? WOOO. With daylight savings, the days are really short, and it starts getting dark at about 4:30… so it is much colder now… but I love the fall colors starting to poke through!
Spiritual thought:
 If you haven’t already watched general conference, WATCH IT. I can tell you all the things they say, but it sounds better coming from them. I love this gospel, I love my companion, I love my calling!!!!

The One With The Tropical Storm!

Kia Ora! Bula Vinaka! Malo e’ lelei! Talofa Lava! Mauri!
Oh my goodness, I just feel like every single week I write to you, I have learned and grown so much! And each week, I am even more surprised at how much I have learned and grown. I just love being a missionary.
SO much has happened this week! First of all, we had Zone Conference with President and Sister Hudson about master planning! We learned about how we can better use our time to do the work of the Lord! It was SO cool!
Right after ZC, we swapped companions, because we had exchanges! They were definitely inspired. I was with SISTER LEONARD!!!!! I Can honestly say it was one of the most spiritual and uplifting 24 hours of my mission. I have learned so much from Sister Leonard as my companion, and now as my STL, and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve around her again. We just literally drove to one of our areas, and the spirit lead us to so many people that need us! It was INSANE. I love her tu meke.
Our weather has been absolutely miserable! I guess there was a storm that hit Australia about a week ago, and we are getting the tail-end of it. Which means torrential rains, freezing wind, and never ending wrinkle-raisin-toes. GROSS. But I am still happy:) It does make people feel bad for you when you door knock, and 7 times out of 10, they will invite you in just so that you can be out of the rain… heeheehee.
WE HAD GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND!!! One exciting thing that happened this week (As if everything about being a missionary isn’t exciting…) Our investigator came to General Conference! She has never agreed to come to church, but she finally agreed to come to General Conference! And, she loved it! I hope that this week as we follow up with her, she will have felt the spirit as strongly as we did! I learned SO much from all of the talks. I am grateful for the technology that we have to be able to watch those broadcasts!
Anyways, that’s enough about my random, amazing life. #BLESSED. I love you all Tu Meke, and I hope that you all have a FANTASTIC week this week. Actually, I hope that this week will be 100 times better than the best week you’ve ever had!
Spiritual thought:
God wants you ALL IN. I LOVED Elder Sabin’s talk from General Conference on Saturday! He talked about how when we are “all in”, when we do all that we can with all faith and diligence to follow our Savior, we will be found worthy to receive all of the blessings that Heavenly Father is just WAITING to give us. Of this, I testify.
Enjoy some crazy photos of my week! OFA ATU!
-Sister Weight

The One With The Bird Attack

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora!!
This week was jam packed full of smiles, and rain, and laughing, and miracles, and so much more!
Where do I even start! So on  Monday I tripped and fell and skinned my knees, and now I just laugh every time I kneel down to pray because it hurts… hahahaha I am such a clutz. Anyways, we had a mean Family Home Evening Monday night with a bunch of members, and we actually got some less actives to come! It was so cool! I love this area!
On Tuesday We spent some time with our bishop and his family, and they made us a MASSIVE island feed. It was SO GREAT. I love this country so much. I am gunna be so fat soon:) hahahaha.
One of our investigators agreed to come to General Conference this weekend!  ( We get it the week after America because of the time difference… so PLEASE no spoilers!!) This particular investigator has never agreed to come to church or any activity, but we taught about following the prophet and she was super excited about it! We are SO pumped for General Conference this weekend. SO PUMPED.
We have been biking heaps this week, and I love it! Sister Duce is such a good influence on me! I love the guts out of her. She’s a good one, we’ll keep her. I keep forgetting she’s new, and sometimes I just tell her to talk to someone on the street and she just says hello and then looks at me like she’s dying… hahahaha I’m the worst trainer ever. But I love training! I am honestly learning so much!
Also, funny story: A bird attacked me this week! We were just biking home, and I was looking up at the tropical fruits on this tree, and out of no where this massive bird just rams into me and then flies away… hahahaha. I was so confused! Sister Duce proceeded to laugh at me for like 30 minutes. It was pretty funny! Well that’s all for now folks! Tune in next week for another update on my sometimes eventful life! Kakite!
Spiritual thought: EASTER INITIATIVE! The church has just released their Easter initiative on for 2017! I am SO excited about it! There are several vidoes about how we can find peace throught Jesus Christ. Based on the scripture, Isaiah 9:6. WATCH THE VIDEOS!!!
Ok that is all:) Have an amazing week! I love you amazing people!
Sister Weight