The One Where I Became A “Mom”

Kia Ora Mates!

Wow oh wow this was an eventful week!
On Monday we went and said a lot of goodbyes with Sister Finefeuiaki and we just did a lot of visits:) That was bitter sweet. I am so excited to see all of the amazing things that she will do in Nelson though! She was a bit nervous to go, but it will all work out:)
On Wednesday, I picked up my new companion! Sister Duce! She is SO COOL! and we have honestly had the BEST WEEK EVER! I have never laughed so much in my life! She works out really hard core with me in the mornings, and goes running with me, and tells me funny jokes. And I honestly feel like she is training me more than I am training her! She still gets scared talking to people, ( But it’s only her first week, so I haven’t been too hard on her;)) but I have been blessed with so much confidence this week, that I am just showing her how to do it! Sister Duce loves trying new things in the work, and when she gets stuck, I just jump in and help her! It is honestly just the best thing that could have happened. She has so many great ideas on how to lift this area! I needed this. I seriously just feel the spirit so much all the time. I have never been happier, or more obedient on my whole mission and I love it.
In the mission, when you train, they call you the “mom” or “dad” of your new companion, and so I would say my baby is doing great. She is growing up so fast….hahaha. I can’t believe I’m a “mom”:) The weather is starting to get colder… Oh boy. Should make the work interesting!
In other news, our area is going great! We are teaching a little boy named James, and he really wants to be baptized! Hopefully his family will let him be baptized soon!
I loved this week! I am learning so much! But I just flippin love being a missionary. I am never leaving:)
Spiritual thought: “Consecrated disciples of Jesus Christ work to the limit of their strength”. I don’t know if I have already shared this quote, but I love it! It reminds me of the scripture, D&C 30:11. Constantly be asking yourself, am I working to the limit of my strength?
I love you all! Arohahui! KIA KAHA!
-Sister Weight
Pictures: Look how short I am compared to my baby!

The One With The Family Home Evening

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora!

Hello Family and friends! So much to say, so little time!
So first off, transfers are this week! My poor companion is leaving me to go to Nelson, and I get to stay in Feilding! Whoop Whoop! BUT in even scarier news, I am getting a brand new companion from the MTC! I will be training her! I haven’t met her yet, but I know her name is Sister Duce, and she is from Canada! I am honestly so scared to train her, I feel like I just got trained!! But I am also so excited! Should be interesting! We pick her up on Wednesday!
On Monday this week we had the coolest Family Home Evening ever! We had it at the Russel’s house with Brother and Sister Solo, Regan, Simon, Sister Murphy, and Brother Albie. It was so cool! Definitely one of my favorite lessons yet. You could feel the spirit so strong, and then we just all laughed our heads off. I love this ward. Then we had a feed afterwards and I ate raw fish! (It is a dish that is common in tonga… interesting…)
On Tuesday we got more Bunny Po Po and Cocoa Samoa because when the islanders find out that your companion is leaving, everyone wants to feed you. Our bishop has this rule at his house that when you come over for food, you can’t leave until all the food is gone…. Oh boy. But I honestly love it so much. I will miss this when I go home:)
We also had ward conference this weekend, and that was so cool! Sister  Finefeuiaki and I sang in the ward choir! It was pretty cool! There were heaps of less actives at church because we had a pot-luck after:) hahahaha but overall it was a great week! I am excited for the challenges and new happenings that are coming up this week! Wish me luck!
Sister Weight

The One With The Running Of The Wool

Kia Ora mates!

What a  crazy busy week! Where do I even start!
First: I was pretty sick this week, again…😞

The only thing that was wrong was I had a fever of 101* for like 4 days in a row. So I have pretty much slept all week… hahaha but I promise I am feeling better today! The fever broke yesterday, but I think I have a small one today… but I am improving! Dang New Zealand messing me up…. Hahahaha

Next: We had exchanges on Monday night through Wednesday morning with the STL’s! I was with  Sister Birmingham in Feilding! So I was leading the area! That was so fun! I learned so much from her. We also dug up more potatoes from our backyard and made potato salad. We ate it while watching “Ephraim’s Rescue”… hahaha mission life.
We had district meeting this week with President and Sister Hudson! It was really cool to see them again! They are leaving in July so we will only see them 2 or 3 more times before we get our new Mission President! I will really miss them!
Sister Finefeuiaki and I spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday! That was fun! We spoke together with our ward mission leader, about hastening the work of salvation! My companion was so nervous but she did a really great job. I am so proud of her!
On Friday, there were SHEEP RACES in Feilding. I kid you not. It was so  crack up. All the streets in the square were blocked off to race these cutie little sheep! It was so fun! There were HEAPS of people to talk to! Also, they had competitions between the people to see who could fill a fadge up with wool the fastest and then run to the end of the street. They called it “Running of the Wools” It was so funny! I love New Zealand!
That’s pretty much all for the week! I love being a missionary, and I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Spiritual thought: 2 Corinthians 3:2-3. We are literally Epistles of Jesus Christ. What is the message that your epistle is sending?:)
Sister Birmingham and I
The Sheep races,
We were door-knocking and this one person had a piano on their porch! So naturally, I sat down and played it while we waited:) SO cool.

The One With Mahalo, Gato, and George

Malo e’ lelei Kainga Lotu!
HOLY GUACAMOLE AND SUNSHINE AND ALL THINGS HAPPY. I hope that you are all having such a wonderful day! I know I am!
This week has been… interesting! First of all, on Wednesday I had to give a lesson at my district meeting on Developing Faith in Jesus Christ. I was happy to do it, but I don’t really like teaching other missionaries, because I feel like they already know the things that I say because they have more experience than me. But that’s ok, it went really well! I decided there were 4 main steps to developing Faith in Jesus Christ. #1: You have to have a belief/ hope that He is there. This can come from experiences, questioning, and even knowledge from those around you. #2: You put that belief into action. Like when you plant a seed. You know it can grow, but unless you physically plant it, and nourish it, it will never be a tree. #3: You start to gain trust. You see that your hope/belief, when put into action, produces blessings, and you start to  gain a trust in Him. #4: You gain a testimony that you eventually desire to share with others. Now, the hard part is figuring out where you are in this process. I know where I want to be, but the real question is, how can I get there?
I learned a lot from teaching this lesson!
What else is new… OH! We sort of have 3 cats! They always hang around our flat! So we named them! The ginger one is George, The grayish one is Mahalo, and the black one is Gato! It’s crack up. They are so cute, and sometimes if we leave the door open, they try to come inside, but we aren’t allowed to have pets… sad:( Hahahahaha  they keep our lives interesting.
Also this week, my companion and I had Lettuce and Marmite sandwiches…. Very interesting. Probably will never do that again if you know what I mean:) YUCK.
That’s about all this week! Thanks for all of your love and support! I love being a missionary! Kakite!
Spiritual thought: Isaiah 53. READ IT. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. He actually did that. Stop learning about the Savior as an individual, and start learning about who He is TO YOU. It will change your perspective, and increase your relationship with Him.
-Sister Weight