The One With The Robbery

Hello beautiful humans!

Wow this week was one to remember for sure!!! First of all, I am emailing today because next Monday is a holiday here, (Boxing day), and all the computer places will be closed. But let me tell you, I am not short of stories or lessons learned to tell from this week already!
So last Monday after emails, we had a sisters P-day with Sister Tanner and Sister Bishop in Napier. We got ice cream, hiked Te Mata peak again, and had a picnic on the top. It was SO fun. Then we had a rock solid lesson with one of our part member families, who has a daughter getting baptized TOMORROW. SO exciting. When we were on our way home from that lesson, we got a call from the police saying that our flat had been broken into. We were crushed. We ran home, and sure enough, they had trashed the place. Luckily enough, they didn’t take much. Now, please do not worry, we are being well taken care of, and we are safe. I think it was a good thing this happened to me on my mission, because I was able to stay calm for the most part. The scripture from D&C 122 kept coming to my mind. That all these things happen for our experience, and shall be for our good. Even when they seem bad. Happiness has nothing to do with the circumstances of our lives, and everything to do with the focus of our lives. I think I said that in my last email. What a fitting quote. I have focused my life more this week on Jesus Christ, because I want to be happy and I want to seek the good in everything.
We had some fun things happen this week too! We had a really good district meeting with our district, and we got presents for the Elders! They were so funny opening them, and getting so excited! I really love being a missionary… and giving gifts…and making people happy… and smiling, and just yeah… I love being a missionary.
Yesterday we had our last lesson with Jzirah who is getting baptized tomorrow as well! We are so excited! And as if this email wasn’t interesting enough, I am getting Transferred nest Wednesday! I am going to Fielding! Which is in the Palmerston North zone. I am also going to me the senior companion…. oh boy. My new companion is named Sister Finefeuiaki…. don’t ask me how to pronounce that. Even though I am sad to leave this area, I know that it is in good hands with Sister Leonard. She has been amazing, and I am sad that I only got one transfer with her, because I learned so much from her. But yeah, that was my week, I hope you all have a better week than that, and that you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Spiritual thought: D&C 122. SEEK THE GOOD. There is always good in all things. We are put in positions only so that we can learn. Heavenly Father loves us all and he wants us to grow, even when it’s hard. But you can do ANYTHING. You just can’t do EVERYTHING. So take a deep breath, breathe. And then focus on what you can control, and how you can seek the good.
Here are some photos!
Elders opening our presents
Our district
Te Mata Peak

The One With The “White Christmas”

Bula Bula Bula!

Kia Ora everyone! What a week! Where do I even start… First let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE being a missionary. Like really. It’s the coolest thing I have ever done. But really, so this week was awesome-sauce. On Friday we had a really cool Zone Conference with our Mission President and his wife! They are so cute. They taught us a lot about focusing our lives on Jesus Christ especially in this Christmas season, but also for the rest of our lives. The promised us blessings of eternal Joy and happiness when we always think of Jesus Christ first in our lives. My companion, Sister Leonard and I have been really working on that this week, and you can SEE the difference. I just love this work.
On Saturday, WE GOT TO SEE ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS GET BAPTIZED!! His name is Branden, and he is 8. He is such a cool kid! He has been wanting to get baptized for a while, and his testimony is so strong! I have loved having the opportunity to teach him! Also, we have 2 more baptisms next Saturday on Christmas Eve (Jzirah, and Pattrisha), and 1 baptismal date for New Years Eve. CAN YOU SAY WHITE CHRISTMAS. Like wow. The work is hastening here in Flaxmere, and I am just so glad that I get to be a part of it!
Saturday afternoon we had a ward Christmas party in our Karongata ward. That was SO cool. I really love serving that ward. This is really starting to feel like home! (But not too much like home because transfers are next week and I don’t want to jinx it….)
Fun Fact: 3 people this week asked me if I was Australian because my accent is so mucked up from being around kiwis all the time. ** Fist pump** goal accomplished.
Other Fun Fact: The sun is really hot here, and I am melting. But hey, I am getting a nice tan so who cares.
Spiritual Thought: Isaiah 9:6. For unto us a child is born… And He shall be called WONDERFUL….. I LOVE Christmas. Ask anyone. I love the song “All I want for Christmas is You” By Mariah Carey, and even though I can’t sing it on my mission, All I want for Christmas is for all of you to know that I know Jesus Christ Lives. He truly is the light of the world, and if we focus our lives on Him, I promise you as a Representative of Him, that everything else in your life will work out.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, I love you all so much! Stay safe, and Happy holidays!!
Tu meke aroha!
-Sister Weight

The One With The Bird Poop Mission Tour

Kia Ora my loving family and friends!
Yet another week has come and gone, and I don’t know where it went! It has been such a fun week! On Monday, we traveled down to Palmerston North for MLC! I spent the day in Fielding with Sister Wilbur, and Sister FineFeuiake while my companion went to the meetings. The next day, we had a mission tour! Which means that all the missionaries from our mission on the North Island bussed to Palmy to have a conference with President and Sister Hudson, (Our mission president) and Elder and Sister Neilson (of the quorum of the 70). It was SO cool! I loved getting to meet so many new missionaries, and to be uplifted by such inspirational people!
On Wednesday when we got back, we had a cool as district meeting where we talked about what we learned on the mission tour, and what goals we were going to set based on what we learned. It was powerful.
On Thursday, we were on exchanges again! I was with Sister Tanner in Napier! Man I love Sister Tanner. She’s just so cool. I love being a missionary. Anyways, we got to visit heaps of people, and we just had a really awesome, spiritual day.
Saturday was fun! We left our flat right after morning studies to help a member in our ward make gingerbread men! We made 150! (She wanted to make one for everyone in our ward). It was crack up! But I happen to love doing service for people, so it was a pretty successful morning! Then, we went to the village and we did another #No Passing Day in the Bay. It was pretty successful! Our district bought a Christmas tree, and we had people come decorate an ornament and put it on the tree, so that we could have meaningful conversations with people. It was SO fun. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I love the spirit that you can feel this time of year!
Yesterday (Sunday), was busy as always. Sister Leonard and I had to speak in the Kiribati Branch again, and then we taught Relief Society in another ward. I think we did a total of 9 hours of church, with 3 different wards, and 3 different chapels. Sunday’s are always our busiest, but I love it.
Spiritual thought: John 14: 27. Peace is something that is hard to come by in this crazy, hectic world. But I know that the peace we get when we turn ourselves towards Christ, is a peace that is not of this world. It is lasting, and it is a glorious thing. If any of you are seeking peace, I invite you to make the most of this Christmas season, and remember the reason for the season.
I love you all! Have a powerful week! Kakite!
Ofa Atu,
Sister Weight
Sister Leonard and I
Sister Leonard and I
Sister Tanner and I
Me in Napier!

The One With The Chalk Talk Miracle!!

Yo yo yo!

How are you beautiful human beings?! Wow this was the coolest week ever. (I know I say that every week, but they just keep getting better and better!)
We started off the week with exchanges! I was in Flaxmere with Sister Bishop! She is SO cool! She is a brand new missionary, straight from the MTC and so it was cool for me to not be the new one any more! We learned so much from each other, and I don’t think we stopped laughing all day. She is the cutest. I got to train her for a day, which was SO fun!! She’s from Logan, Utah, and she is a powerful missionary already.
On Thursday, it was the first day of our new Christmas initiative, #LightTheWorld, so we were encouraged to find some acts of service to do. We got together with the sisters in Napier, and we spent all morning making cookies. Then we spent all afternoon delivering them to members, investigators, and heaps of other people in our areas! It was so fun!! I love doing service!! 

On Friday, we had a miracle in the Flaxmere district! This last zone training, our zone leaders challenged us to have a #No Passing Day in The Bay… Which is where we have to talk to EVERYONE that we pass on this day, in order to boost our TWE numbers. (Talking With Everyone)  They wanted it to be a competition between the districts, So on Friday, our district set up a table at the Flaxmere village. We had a huge chalkboard and we had people who walked past write their favorite Christmas traditions on them. We gave out HEAPS of Book of Mormons, and HEAPS of #Light The World cards. (This is our new Christmas initiative). We also did a chalk talk in the park, where we drew out the whole plan of salvation in chalk, and we got SO many people to come talk to us about it. It was a great day! We ended up talking to 1007 people as a district!! That is truly a miracle for our district, because I didn’t even know there where 1007 people who lived in Flaxmere. The buzz of the excitement is still running through the missionaries in this area, so I can’t wait to see what miracles this next week brings!
On Saturday, we had Christmas in the park. It still freaks me out to see palm trees and Christmas trees next to each other… and Santa hats, with shorts… but oh well! Christmas in the park was SO fun! We went with some members and one of our Recent converts, Debbie, made us a huge picnic to eat while we watched the performances! I love this place so much! And I love picnics… so what could be better!?!?!
Today after emails we are driving to Palmerston North for meetings! Wish me luck! I think I’m finally starting to get this whole Driving on the left thing…. let’s hope.
Spiritual Thought: Luke Chapter 2. (The Nativity) I love this Christmas time of year when everyone is happy! I hope you all have a beautiful week, and that you find ways to share the light of Christmas with those around you!
 Sister Leonard and I!
Our Chalk Talk
Sister Bishop and I!