The One with the Western Food Poisoning


Another week in the books. The time is just going by SO fast, it’s crazy!! I hit my 4 month mark soon, and it seems like I just got here! But I love it here so much, and I am learning so much!
Here are some highlights from the week:
So on Thursday for Thanksgiving, we had dinner with some members out in Bridge-Pa, and they don’t do Thanksgiving here, but we got there, and they made us tacos!! I was LITERALLY so happy. Like, blessings people. I LOVE tacos. The Saddler’s are like my heroes now.
Then on Friday we had Zone Training. We were taught about following up on our commitments and how to talk with everyone that we meet. It was a powerful meeting. Then we had to take our car in for a service, so we spent like 4 hours in this teeny tiny library doing some planning for the week. (Don’t worry we had heaps of lollies to keep us focused).
Friday night, one of the members bought us KFC for dinner, and I think I ate something bad, because I got really bad food poisoning. That was NO fun. But I am all better now!!
We had a really powerful lesson with one of our investigators, Katie, this week. We taught her the Plan of Salvation, and she said “This just feels familiar, it must be true”. Sister Leonard and I were like “OH YEAH”. Powerful. Also, one of the families that we are teaching out in Bridge-Pa, the mom and dad are engaged! So they are getting married! So we can set a baptismal date for the whole family!!! I am SOOOOO pumped! The work is going so great here in good ole’ Hawkes Bay. I love being a missionary so much.
Also one more miracle: We were just about to head home the other night, and we had a little bit of time left, so I was trying to think of someone to visit. Sister Leonard asked me if I knew anyone named Western… and I said no. She asked if I knew of a place called “west” or “Western”, because she couldn’t get the word out of her head. So we pulled out our map and found a West St. And then just off of West Street, was Stock Rd. Now, we had a really golden referral for a stock rd. a couple of weeks ago, but we had looked for the referral on a different Stock rd…. because we didn’t know there were 2 different Stock roads!!! So, because Sister Leonard thought of that word “Western”, it lead us to this really cool investigator, who we wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise!!!! How cool is that??? I love Sister Leonard. I love being a missionary.
Spiritual thought: Matthew 5: 14-16.
We are all lights to the world. We must always shine as bright as possible, so that we can share that light with others, and not hide the light that we have been given. I love being a missionary, because I get to help people see the good in themselves. It is the best thing to show someone the potential that they don’t realize. I just love being a light that others can reach out to, and lean on. So be that light for someone this week! #Shine #LightTheWorld #KeepSmiling.
Have a great week! Arohanui! Kakite!
-Sister Weight
Picture#1: Sister Leonard and I
Picture #2: Sister Leonard and I
Picture #3: Ignore me getting blown away and look at how cool this picture is.
Picture #4: Beautiful marae in beautiful Paki Paki.

The One With The New Companion

Kia Orana homies!!
What an absolutely beautiful week it has been here in the gorgeous Aotearoa. On Monday we had one of the most powerful lessons ever with our investigator family. We invited them to a member’s home for a Family Home Evening, and usually they pull out at the last second, but this week they CAME!! We taught about the atonement, and got all the kids involved, and it was SO cool! I love being a missionary.
On Tuesday, my companion wanted to visit a bunch of people in the area because she was leaving on Wednesday for transfers. So we spent the whole day saying her goodbyes which was so sad. We also drove to Napier to have lunch with the sisters there. We got Turkish Kebabs and ate them by the beach. Have I mentioned how much I love serving in New Zealand?
On Wednesday we had to wake up SUPER early to go to the bus stop. We dropped off all the missionaries from our zone that were getting transferred by bus. (Elder Ahokovi, and Elder Hornburger, and Sister Pulsipher.) Then we had to go to the airport in Napier, to drop off Sister Matekeua, Elder Vahai, and Elder Tapea. It was sad, but they all got off safely. I spent the rest of the day with Sister Tanner because we had to wait for our new companions to come in. She is training this transfer, (So she is getting a companion straight from the MTC). I am actually kind of jealous because I would love for her to be my companion. She is so happy and loving, and oh my life I just love her. So we picked up her companion, Sister Bishop, and then my companion, Sister Leonard.
Sister Leonard is SO cool! She is from England Originally, but has lived in Hamilton, NZ for the past 10 years. (So she has a really cool accent.) She has hair like the princess from Brave! (Super long, super curly, and super red.) Oh and she LOVES to run!!!! So we have been going running for the past couple of days in our morning exercise time. That has been a HUGE stress relief in my life so I am super grateful. I never realized how much I relied on that at home. Oh and whenever we teach together, it just flows. I love her already. This will be a great transfer!
The weather is getting super warm here, and it is always sunny! I love it!! I am just thinking of my poor friends and whanau back in the states who are probably shivering in the snow right now…. I love it hahahaha:)
Have a SUPER awesome-sauce kind of week this week! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans who actually celebrate that holiday!
Spiritual thought: 1 Chronicles 28:20
“Be strong and of good courage, and do it…” Sometimes we face challenges in our lives that we don’t want to face. But we have to! It is part of our journey here on earth, and the sooner we get the courage to just DO IT, the easier our lives will become.:)

The One With the Tacos and the Earthquake!

Kia Ora friends and whanau!

I hope that this email finds all of you well and happy! First of all, I know some of you may have heard about the Earthquake that we had last night. I just want all of you to know, that all the missionaries here are accounted for, and none were injured. The earthquake woke us up, and then immediately our leaders rang us, to make sure we were all okay. There are some rumors of tsunami warnings now that the quake is over, but I think we will be okay.:)
This week was a whirlwind! Where do I even start!!! So Monday, Sister Matekeua and I traveled down to Palmerston North again for MLC. It was a crazy drive, but I loved it. We spent the night with some sisters there, and on Tuesday we finished the drive early in the morning to Wellington. I was lucky enough to spend the day with Sister Quinlan and Sister Gala (Nala). It was such a great day! They are powerful missionaries, and if I learned anything from them, it is perseverance! Don’t ever give up. Like, just don’t okay?
On Wednesday we woke up SUPER early again and headed back to good ole’ Hawkes Bay. (Man do I really love it here.) We got back just in time for district meeting! That was fun, because our district leader Elder Gagon is going home and so this was his last district meeting! We learned about  how to be master teachers. I loved it! I love being able to teach people here in New Zealand!
We did a lot of service this week too with the elders in our area. Don’t you just love serving other people? Because I do. Have I ever said that I love being a missionary? 🙂
As I said last week, transfers are this week on Wednesday, and I am staying here in Flaxmere! My companion, however, is being transferred to the south island, to the Nelson Zone. I know that she will do great things down there, even though I will miss her terribly. She will leave early Wednesday morning, and I will be picking up my new companion, Sister Leonard. I don’t know anything about her, but I am excited to teach her how to love the people her in Hawke’s Bay.
Also, one other fun fact: I have been trying to teach Sister Matekeua how to speak Spanish, because she is teaching me Maori, but she just can’t get it. It is crack up. So the other day we were grocery shopping, and I really wanted some tacos. (They don’t have any Mexican food here… and I need that in my life.)  So I told Sister Matekeua I would make her tacos. And we did. And they were delicious. So yeah… earthquakes and tacos… who would have known:) I hope yous all have a great week! Thanks for your love and support!
Spiritual thought: Matthew 7:7-8. Ask and ye shall receive. IF we act, THEN our testimonies and our faith will grow. It is up to US. Keep your heads up and keep smiling! You are doing better than you think you are!
Pictures of my week:
2. Me, Sister Quinlan, and Sister Gala
3. Me at the beach! (Don’t worry, there was no boat or fireworks involved.)
4. Me in bridge Pa:) Man I love this place.
5. Me and one of the families we teach… they wouldn’t take a serious photo.

6. One of our Kiribati families
7. Sister matekeua and I
8. apparently I fell asleep during planning.
9.We went to a rose garden!
10. Rose garden 2.0

The One With the Boats and Fireworks

Hola amigos!

How are you wonderful people?! Wow this has been a jam packed week, but I literally have no time left to write! So I will try to type really fast!
On Monday it was Halloween, and we had a POWERFUL Family Home Evening lesson with one of our investigator families, and then we all went to a Halloween ward party that they were holding out in Bridge-Pa. It was so fun! There were HEAPS of people there… but Halloween really isn’t a huge thing here like in America… weird.
This weekend we had stake conference and we got to hear from the new Temple president and his wife, The Roberts.They are so cute!

On Friday, we had a district meeting with President and Sister Hudson. (Our mission president and his wife). It was pretty cool! President interviewed us each, and he gave me some pretty shocking new about next transfer. But all is well. I will share that when I get more details:)

That is pretty much all the time I have, so sorry for the short email, but I am doing well, still alive. Oh and the reason my email is titled “the one with the boats and the fireworks” is because, we as missionaries are not allowed on boats, and we are not allowed to shoot off fireworks. But, since it is summer here, we always get invited to do both of those things, and so it has become a joke with our district leader, that whenever he calls, if he hears noises in the background of the call, we just tell him that it is the boat, or the fireworks. He always gets so freaked out. It is pretty funny… but maybe it’s one of those things where you have to be there for.:)
Anyways, I love you all, have a powerful week! Know that prayers are coming your way from beautiful Aotearoa.
Spiritual thought:
Mosiah 2:17. When we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God. So Serve all those who are around you. If you are sad, SERVE. If you are angry, SERVE. If you are depressed, discouraged, broken hearted, or lost, just SERVE. We are blessed when we serve. We will be more happy, more blessed, and more grateful when we are serving others. Keep that in mind.
Ofalahi Atu!
Fa a malosi ele ngaluenga!
-Sister Weight
I promise to send pictures next week!!!