The End

Well, as many of you may know, my time as a full time missionary has come to an end. I have safely returned home to my beautiful family, and what a JOYOUS reunion that was! I do not have the words to articulate my gratitude for this divine journey I was blessed with. I thought that I was fully converted to this gospel and to my Savior, Jesus Christ, 19 long months ago… but it dulls in comparison with my testimony now. I know without a doubt that God’s plan for each of us is truly full of love and careful consideration for our eternal well being. It is much more complex and beautifully crafted than we can ever imagine with our mortal minds. (Refer to Mosiah 4:9). I have been through a lot over my time in New Zealand, some good moments, some hard moments, and a bunch of in-betweens. But despite all my challenges and trials, I have developed an overwhelming love for all of the people there, and the sweet experiences that they shared with me. I have seen the Book of Mormon melt hearts and change lives. I have seen the Atonement of Jesus Christ heal wounds so deep, they seem incurable. I have seen and met and experienced so many of life’s wonderful phases and I consider myself truly blessed. I don’t think I ever felt as blessed as I do now. I know that all I have is from my loving Father in Heaven. I am SO grateful for that knowledge. If any of you have any further questions or want to find out more, please visit,, or talk to me:)

So, you might ask what happens now. Don’t you worry, just because I no longer wear a badge, I will always strive to represent my Savior, and share His gospel to my dear brothers and sisters. I plan to go back to university, and continue to help as many people as I possibly can. “When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God.” (Mosiah 2:17) There is nothing else I would rather do, than to serve my God.

If you have followed my journey, I am so grateful for your thoughts and prayers and support! I have loved EVERY second, and every bit of support from home helped me so much. If you were part of my journey in New Zealand, I LOVE YOU ALL. I couldn’t have done it without any of you. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!


-Sister Ashly Weight xx



The Last One

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora!

Have you ever been so happy and so blessed and so amazed at all that you have been given, and you just don’t know how you got so lucky. Yeah, that’s pretty much me.
This is my last email from my beautiful New Zealand! This time next week I will be on a plane riding to the mission home, and then shortly after, I will be coming back home to the USA. I am having a hard time finding the words to articulate how grateful I am for the past 18 1/2 months I have gotten to spend here in Aotearoa. I have loved the people, my experiences, the food, the culture, the weather and most of all being a missionary. I am not the same person that I was when I left, but I am so grateful for all that I am becoming.
Enough with all the sappiness, This week was AMAZING! Tuesday was Waitangi day! (My new fave holiday…) We got welcomed onto a Marae, got to help our branch members make a hangi, I had to hongi a few people…..( Look it up….) and it was like FULL ON NEW ZEALAND CULTURE AWESOMENESS! I love this place. They had a huge Kai fest at founders park, and we got to walk around and talk to people and try all the yummy foods. (Perks of the badge, everyone knows missionaries and people kept buying us food, or just giving it to us for free <3)
Our Zone had a goal for this transfer to find 30 new investigators and we reached our goal this week! Sister Bishop and I definitely had a small dance party on the side of the road when we found out! YAY! We now raised our goal to 40 because we have another week left… I have faith that we can do it!
Our car was in the shop a few days this week so we were biking it all over those dang hills…. I think my legs are pretty buff now:) Hahahaha
I got a new companion this week! Sister Gibbons! I met her a few months ago when I was in Feilding! She is from Rugby, England. Sister Bishop is still here, we are just in a trio for the next week. It has been quite an adventure so far!
We got to go to a members house this morning and carve some blackstone necklaces! That was super fun! Black stone is pretty common here in Nelson, but it really only comes from Nelson for all of New Zealand so that was pretty cool!
That was probably way too much information, but I LOVE YOU ALL AND HOPEFULLY WILL SEE YOU SOON!
Kakite ano!
Spiritual thought: Romans 8:16-17 One of the coolest things that I have come to realise out here is that we are all sons and daughters of God. He loves us ALL. He knows us ALL. He is our loving Father in Heaven. We are joint heirs with Christ, and are capable of earning all the blessings that He can, if we choose to follow him. I love this gospel SO much.
-Sister Weight

The One With The Fermented Cabbage


This week was interesting!

We had a cool as service with a nonmember from Belgium! He owns an all organic vegetable farm, and we got to help him sort through buckets of Tomatoes and we also bottled some fermented cabbage! He said it is really good for you…. but we were too scared to try it because of the smell… hahaha I LOVE SERVICE!
It was quite hot this week! But we had a pretty horrible tropical storm that hit Nelson this week, so that cooled everything down a bit. (We are back to the heat today though.) Luckily we aren’t that close to the ocean, the houses nearest to the beach are completely destroyed. It was kinda scary, but I am grateful that we didn’t get hit too bad.
We have had SO many miracles this week with finding new people to teach! Taynz (one of the twins I found with Sister Pega) Is now progressing!!! I almost cried! She is finally praying, and reading, and you can see her heart melting! The Kiribati family is doing well! We also found a Tongan family this week and some other potentials! It has been amazing! Sister Bishop and I are ON FIRE! I love how much the spirit guides us. It’s the best feeling.
Spiritual thought: Moroni 7:37. This scripture teaches us that miracles come on condition of our faith! I am so grateful for the miracles that I see on a DAILY basis! I can promise you that if you are not seeing daily miracles, you are not looking hard enough! They are there, and the more you recognize them, the more Heavenly Father will bless you with them!
Have a good week! Thanks so much for being the shining miracles you all are to me! LOVE YOU HEAPS!
Kia Kaha, Kia Toa, Kia Manawanui. ​

The One With 2 Books of Mormon In 2 Minutes


Howdy yall! I am running out of ways to start these emails!
GREAT WEEK! This week went really well! Sister Bishop’s ankle was feeling a bit better by Friday, so we finally got to go out and do some work! YAY! We got to set up another appointment with the Kiribati family! (Man I just love them so much! I miss my Kiribati homies in Hawke’s Bay.) Not that I have a greater desire to teach them, because they are Kiribati… but I just already feel so much love for them, it’s like my heart is so full when I get to see them!

The members have been super supportive and we are planning to do another MMTC fireside like the one that we did in Feilding. I am so Pumped for it! We have been working hard with the elders and our branch mission leader, Brother Rob, to plan for that. #GetKeen
Miracle story. So it was super sunny this week, and we had worked really hard, but we wanted to give out 2 more Book of Mormon’s before we went home for lunch. We were hot, and tired, but still followed the spirit. We went to the rose garden in town, and we said, as soon as we give out these 2 copies, we will go home for lunch. GET THIS! The first 2 people we talked to took a copy!!!  RANDOM AS. Well, not random, it was the spirit. So we decided to give out 2 more… AND WE DID. It was a HUGE miracle this week.
Fun fact: All of New Zealand is out of electric fans. All the stores are sold out. It has been a crazy issue…. everyone wants a fan because it has been so hot.. but there are none…. hahaha Bummer.
Spiritual thought: 2 Timothy 4: 17-18 I have felt the Lord standing by me a lot this week. He has strengthened me in every step. I really appreciate that knowledge.
-Sister Weight

The One With The Biking Rubbish Bags

Malo e lelei!
OH my lanta. What a week of miracles. What a great week to be alive. What a great week to be a missionary. I sure do love being a missionary.
So, for a place called “Sunny Nelson” It sure rained a lot this week. In fact, it’s still raining. On Wednesday, we decided it might not rain as hard, and proceeded to bike about 30 kms away from our flat to visit some people… nek minute… it pours. One of the members took pity on us and gave us some rubbish bags to put over ourselves as we biked, but we were SOAKED. I have gotten rained on a lot on my mission, but never this bad. Hahahaha It was awesome. We saw one of our members later and she was like “were you the biking rubbish bags that I saw on my way to work?” We were like hahahaha yup. That was us. Biking rubbish bags.
Despite the bad weather, things this week went really well! We were able to meet a TON of potential investigators and set a bunch of return appointments for next week, seems promising! We even met a Kiribati family! I started talking to them in Kiribati and their faces just lit up! (There are no coincidences!)  Sister Bishop sprained her ankle at sports night on Friday, so we had to stay in the flat all day Saturday and Sunday, but it was good because we got to really update our area book, and we called a bunch of people, and got a few more potentials:)
That’s pretty much all! Enjoy some fun selfies of  the dream team.
Spiritual thought: Jeremiah 31:3. Heavenly Father just loves us so much. We are so lucky to have someone that is there for us, whenever we need Him, and He is always willing to listen, and He is so proud of us when we choose to follow Him.
Kakite Ano!

The One With Sister Bishop

Kia Ora Homies!

WHAT A WEEK. So much has happened! Oh my lanta where do I begin!? So first of all, Transfers. MY WEEK WAS SO AWESOME! I HAVEN’T STOPPED LAUGHING SINCE I PICKED UP SISTER BISHOP! Man I got so lucky this transfer. I just love her. It’s been a long time since I have had a companion who has been out for a while, so it’s so much less pressure on me since Sister Bishop knows whats going on, and she is so diligent! I really needed this. I am so grateful. It was heartbreaking to say goodbye to Sister Diez, but she is doing well! I know she will do good things in Queenstown.

Sister Bishop is from Logan, Utah. (My first American companion!) We have very similar personalities which makes things really fun. She’s a good one. We will keep her. 

On Thursday, we had the privilege of flying to Wellington for more meetings with President and Sister Soloai! They are so inspiring. I got to sit next to some really cool people on the plane and I just love how casual it can be to talk about religious beliefs with strangers. What a blessing.
Friday one of our members had one of the flashest 80th birthday parties I have ever seen. There were over 350 guests at the chapel! Sister Bishop had the cool opportunity to help them out in the kitchen because the family was a bit overwhelmed. I love serving!
We had our Zone Conference yesterday! It went pretty well! Sister Bishop and I only had to present for about 30 minutes, so that was nice. We also had to do the lunch for everyone which was stressful, but who doesn’t love a nice taco bar? It went over well. Hahahaha
That’s about all! Have a good week! Until then!
Spiritual thought: 1 John 4:7-9. God is love. The first principle we teach people is that God is our Loving Heavenly Father. It is SO important that people know that. God loves us so much that He sent His only Begotten Son to give us an opportunity to live with Him in eternal happiness, FOREVER. I am so grateful for that knowledge.
Bye to my baby Diez.

The One With The Quad Squad!


How was your week? I hope all is well where ever you may be! 
This week was SO fun! We had the Blenheim sisters with us all week in Nelson, because we were on assignment from President Soloai to work in a Quad! #Quad Squad. So every day we have been swapping the companionships to make sure that we are all working on something new in Nelson! 

Sister Taufa, Sister Vea, and Sister Diez and I have been hard at work, and I actually think it was a good thing that they could help us get some stuff done in our area that we never had the time to do. I am grateful for that opportunity. We are currently working on setting up a branch mission plan (our branch doesn’t have one at the moment.) And our goal for the next couple of months is to set up a rescue night program, and make sure that each family has their own mission plan! 
We found out about transfers today, and sadly, Sister Diez is leaving me. She is SO sad. She just keeps crying, it was so unexpected. But I KNOW she’ll do great things. She is going to Queenstown. I hope she’ll stay warm. She’s so small. I am really sad that I don’t get to finish her training, but it’s what the Lord wants I guess. I know my new companion! Her name is Sister Bishop. I met her over a year ago when she first came out. She’s cool! I look forward to the new adventures this transfer! 
One day this week, Sister Taufa and I decided to make the roadtrip back to Blenheim to grab some more stuff from their flat, and we got a flat tire on our way home! It was 9 at night, we were about 20 minutes outside of Nelson (our curfew is 9) and it was pouring rain, and we were up in the mountains so we had NO cell reception. FUN. Luckily I had some amazing youth leaders growing up that made us do that for an activity once, and Sister Taufa and I remembered enough to change the tire, and make it home safely. What an adventure! 
Well that’s pretty much all for this week! I hope you all have a good one! 
Spiritual thought: Matthew 2:10 When the wisemen saw the star at Jesus’s birth, they had joy. That is because Jesus Christ IS joy. Focusing on Him brings greater JOY into our lives than anything else. Trust me. I know. 
-Sister Weight 
Pictures: QUAD SQUAD

The One Where We Biked Down A Hill!

Kia Ora Kia Ora Kia Ora!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last email, I know I havnen’t emailed since LAST year, but I hope that you can forgive me 😉 HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE! Most of you will probably get this on New Years Eve, but for me, I am living in 2018! That seems impossible! WOOWOOWOO HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a great time to set goals and start over, and just become better!
There’s not much to tell this week because we just emailed a few days ago, but one big accomplishment of the week, SISTER DIEZ RODE HER BIKE DOWN A HILL!!!! #proud. Every day we have been trying new things like riding through a stop light, riding around the block, going through a tunnel, biking up hills etc…  but she has been SO scared of the hills! I finally told her, we are going to go up a hill today. She told me no, but I said yes, so I showed her how to do it, and up we went. She was so brave! We made it to the top, and she wanted to walk down (Keep in mind the hills here are pretty insane.) I told her I trusted her, and we were going to bike down. (She probably hated me at this point… but keep reading) She got all the way to the bottom and she was like “THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME! CAN WE DO IT AGAIN?!” Hahahaha I love that girl. She is improving so much! As a biker, as a missionary, just all around!
Oh one day this week, Sister Rodrigues, (One of our members) invited us over to help her make some cookies and some Keke pua’a (Pork buns) they were SO good. I love her.
Well that is pretty much all, we are just keeping on her in beautiful Sunny Nelson!
I hope you all have a good New Years! Stay safe!
Spiritual thought: If we all Picked one thing that we could do to make ourselves better this year, think of what a different world we would have. Try a little harder to be a little better. Keep going, you can do it!
Sister Weight
Photo: The cookies and the Keke Pua’a

The One With The Best Christmas Ever!


 What a wonderful week! We started in off by spending a few days in Blenheim with the other sisters doing some service on a farm and helping them with a sausage sizzle!
Then we went on exchanges, and I got to take Sister Vea back to Nelson with me! She was so fun to have with me! We did HEAPS of biking and door knocking because she was working on her confidence! I love her!
Christmas was the greatest, I got to see my cutie family, (They are pretty much the greatest.) We pretty much spent the whole day BBQ hoping from all of our members houses:) What a difference from an American Christmas, but I LOVED IT.
One thing that made this Christmas really special was the fact that it was surrounded by service! We did baking for rest homes, Christmas carolled to some members, visited people in hospital, gave away extra food that we had, and just did everything we could to turn OUT this Christmas! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! (Mosiah 2:17)
 Talk to you next year!;)
-Sister Weight
Photos: Sister Vea with some cool as shoes we found doorknocking, One of our members CUTE pillows ( My grandma joy needs these), Christmas BBQ #2, Vineyards!

The One With The Christmas Spirit

Kia Ora!!!
What a great week! Sister Diez is still doing well in learning how to bike! She has only fallen a few times, and she is being so brave! #proud
There was a lot of Christmas spirit this week! We set up a Christmas tree in town with some other missionaries, and we had people write on an ornament what their favorite thing about Christmas was. It was pretty fun!
We had another musical fireside yesterday because the last one was so successful! We had 3 nonmemember groups come and sing for us, and it was cool to have the inter-faith Christmas spirit fill the room. The missionaries all sang “Joy to the World” And our ward mission leader played the guitar. It was so fun!
I just love this time of year! I love seeing peoples smiling faces, and listening to Christmas music, and seeing all the decorations! What a glorious time!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! I will email again, after the holidays when the libraries are open again:)
Spiritual thought: Alma 36: 17-21. This time of year is great to celebrate our Savior’s birth, but also His life, and especially His Atonement. Think about ALL that He has done for you this Christmas season!